Project Description

Hotel in Mielno for 200 persons. Unique architecture paired with functionality. The theme of the building block was the jellyfish, octopus and wave. The combination of the three components influenced the projection and the rounded façade. The object consists of approx. 90 rooms for 1, 2, 3, personal including disabled, apartments, rozmieszonych on three floors. Capacity of accommodation approx. 200. The Hotel is designed in standard * * * * stars. The property is located on the ground floor on the inner side of the courtyard and a single level parking lot. The car park was covered with a green inverted roof – a large part of the biologically active surface used for guests ' recreation. The whole SPA is complete with two swimming pools.

The property was developed for one of the plots located in the coastal belt of the municipality of Mielno. The design work was completed at the advanced concept stage. Archibaltic's studio is the owner of the copyright project.