Project Description

Extension of the external elevator assembly together with the elements of the pressure relief system preventing the opacity of vertical and horizontal escape routes in the building High (W)-for the whole building of the pearl of the Baltic Sanatorium in Kołobrzeg. The seemingly simple construction required the application of many complex construction solutions, ie. A foundation slab with reinforced concrete piles, connecting the designed and existing steel tape floors (Płaskownikami) to the entire depth of the building (approx. 14m). Development of components of the anti-hypertensive system on the basis of an inventory of all escape routes in the object. It was also necessary to analyse the entire building for the location of channels, flaps and transfers, air units in the facility, whose usable area is nearly 13 thousand. M2!. Such ventilation system does not have a TVP in Szczecin, which for that reason could not be further used.